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Classes, Training, and Programs

Functional training and support for the demands of motherhood.

Whether you're looking to prepare for birth, heal from a dysfunction, strengthen your body postpartum, connect with other mothers, gain support, or simply feel like ''you again'', Mothergood has the program for you! All classes are carefully designed for the pre and postnatal body and are safe and manageable for every fitness level. Feel free to bring your little one along or join solo.

*Please note: all classes are in English

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Pelvic Floor Strengthening Session

 Monday from 15:15-16:00

250 czk

The Pelvic Floor Strengthening Class focuses on both strengthening the pelvic floor during pregnancy and resorting its function postpartum. Using a combination of functional movements, stretching, and  breathing exercises, you will learn how to activate and strengthen your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, to ensure your body is ready for the demands of motherhood.


Mom and Baby Fitness and Support Program

Thursday from 10:00-11:00 am

225 czk per session

The Mom and Baby Program is where fitness meets support. Each 60 minutes session is split into a 30 minute workout which focuses on rebuilding the core and pelvic floor muscles, and the other half is dedicated to sharing your experiences as mother's through an open discussion about various motherhood related topics. These sessions are a great way to not only build strength postpartum, but to meet other mothers in the Prague community, gain support, and get your little one's exploring and socializing! Join a session and strengthen both your body and mind mama!


Prenatal and Postpartum HIIT Class

Tuesday 10:00-10:45 am

250 czk per session

This safe, challenging, and fun HIIT class will help you prepare for birth, strengthen your postpartum body, or simply feel like ''you'' again, using  a combination of body weight, pelvic floor, and core exercises. No matter your fitness level, or where you are in you motherhood journey, these sessions will help you tone your body, build strength, and meet your postpartum fitness goals.

Postpartum Recovery Session Online


Friday 9:00 - 9:30


150 czk per session

These online sessions focous on recovering after birth, and will provide you with essential movements to promote healing and core restoration, and build strength to help your body meet the demands of motherhood. The class is suitable for all fitness levels, and can be taken from 6 weeks postpartum once you are cleared for exercise by your healthcare professional.

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Postpartum Recovery Session

Online or in-person

30 & 45 min sessions

Starting from 400 czk

These one-on-one sessions will offer you a diastasis screening, overall fitness assessment, and individualized training program to help ease your heal postpartum, using deep breathing techniques, pelvic floor exercises, and body weight movements. Whether you're looking to recover from a difficult birth, strengthen your pelvic floor, strength, or heal postpartum dysfunctions such as prolapse, or incontinence, I can help you get there safely and effectively! pregnancy, prepare them for birth, and heal common postpartum core challenges like incontinence, prolapse and diastasis recti.

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