Why Mothergood?

Updated: Jan 16

Mothergood programs and classes are designed to help moms through their emotional AND physical prenatal and/or postpartum journeys. Each program ties in the physical, mental and emotional aspects of motherhood to support you where you are and offer you what you need.

Whether you're a first-time new mom or a seasoned mama on baby #2 or 3 there's a class or a program for you. More importantly, there is a community of mamas who will be by your side in whatever age or stage of motherhood you are in because as mamas, we get YOU!

Why trust me with your prenatal and postnatal health and wellness? Because training and coaching pre and postnatal women are not only my passion, it's my area of expertise. As a certified fitness trainer specializing in prenatal and postpartum health, I fully understand the physical challenges of labour recovery and the new "biomechanics" of motherhood. As a nutritionist, I understand what important role food plays in the health and development of both you and your baby during pregnancy, through your breastfeeding journey, along with your postpartum needs for energy, strength, and overall well-being. As a holistic women's health coach, I understand how the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of health and wellness are just as important, if not more, than the physical. As a mother, I understand how demanding, beautiful, overwhelming, and rewarding motherhood is. I understand that as mothers, our needs are often overlooked, and sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves, but remember, it's never too late to start!

Seeing that it's a new year and "fitness," "weight-loss," and "getting out of my comfort zone" are common new year resolutions, I want to encourage you to join the Mothergood community, not only for you're well-being but for your little one(s) as well. Whether you're looking to work out with your baby in tow, find some peaceful mama time without your little(s), or connect with your community and other mamas in Prague, Mothergood has something to offer you!

All Mothergood programs, classes, and events are created and designed for all moms, in all stages of motherhood. I want women to have the opportunity to find more than just a workout. I want moms to feel supported through prenatal and postpartum support, whether they're having their first baby, feeling lost as a new mom and a "rookie", or as a seasoned mama pro on baby #2, 3, or 4.

Mothergood is here to show you your power and strength in motherhood! Come join the community, I can't wait to see you in class, dear Mama!

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