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Sun, Jun 30


Praha 2

Birth Course

Birth Course
Birth Course

Time & Location

Jun 30, 2024, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Praha 2, 10, Chopinova 1529, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady, Czechia


About the event

Learn more about Ingrid our course director:

With over 170 successful deliveries, Ingrid brings a wealth of experience and compassion to every birth she assists. Fluent in English, Ingrid specializes in supporting non-Czech mothers, ensuring they feel comfortable and well-prepared throughout their birthing journey. Ingrid understands that every mother has unique wishes and traditions, especially when it comes to childbirth. She is committed to respecting these personal preferences and offers tailored support to meet each mother's individual needs. Having worked in every delivery hospital in Prague and several outside the city, Ingrid provides expert advice on choosing the best facility for your delivery. Her extensive knowledge of local hospitals and their practices is invaluable, particularly for non-Czech mothers who may have different expectations and traditions surrounding childbirth.

Ingrid has extensive experience in:

  • Pregnancy massage
  • Pre- and post-natal rituals
  • Post-natal support (including psychotherapy)
  • Breastfeeding consultancy

Comprehensive Birth Workshop by Ingrid, Experienced Doula

Price: 1499 czk (includes birth partner)

Duration: 3 hours (including a 15-minute break)

Workshop Objective: Equip expectant parents with the knowledge and skills necessary for a confident and empowered birth experience, focusing on labor signs, the birth process, interventions, pain relief techniques, and administrative requirements in Czech hospitals.

Workshop Agenda

Welcome and Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Introduction to Ingrid, an experienced doula.
  • Overview of the workshop objectives and agenda.
  • Brief introduction of participants.

Session 1: Signs of Labor and the Birth Process (45 minutes)

  • Identifying Signs of Labor: 
    • Early signs: lightening, Braxton Hicks contractions, and "nesting" instincts.
    • Active signs: regular contractions, water breaking, and bloody show.

  • The Birth Process: 
    • Stages of labor: early labor, active labor, transition, pushing, and delivery.
    • Detailed explanation of what to expect in each stage.


Break (15 minutes)

Session 2: Interventions and Rights (40 minutes)

  • Common Interventions: 
    • Inductions, epidurals, episiotomies, assisted deliveries, and cesarean sections.
    • Pros and cons of each intervention.


Your Rights vs. Hospital Policies:

  • Understanding your rights as parents during labor and delivery.
  • Navigating hospital policies and regulations.
  • How to advocate for your birth preferences effectively.
  • Importance of informed consent and refusal.

Session 3: Pain Relief and Movement Techniques (35 minutes)Session 3: Pain Relief and Movement Techniques (45 minutes)

  • Natural Pain Relief Techniques 
    • Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
    • Visualization and positive affirmations.
    • Use of water (hydrotherapy), heat, and cold


Movement and Positions for Labor:

  • Optimal positions for different phases of labor.
  • Demonstrating and practicing labor positions (standing, squatting, kneeling, etc.).
  • Partner involvement in supporting movements and positions.

Session 4: Administrative Documents and Requirements (25 minutes)

  • Before Birth: 
    • Necessary prenatal documents and checklists.
    • Registering at the hospital and understanding hospital policies.


  • After Birth: 
    • Required documentation for the newborn (birth certificate, health insurance).
    • Steps to take immediately postpartum (registration, pediatrician visits).  

Conclusion and Wrap-Up (10 minutes)

  • Recap of key points discussed in the workshop.
  • Distribution of additional resources and handouts.
  • Information on follow-up support and local resources.

Additional Resources


  • Signs of labor checklist.
  • List of common interventions and rights.
  • Check list of what to bring to the hospital.
  • Administrative checklist for Czech hospitals.

This workshop is designed to be interactive and supportive, ensuring that expectant parents leave feeling prepared, empowered, and confident about their upcoming birth experience. Ingrid’s extensive experience as a doula will provide invaluable insights and practical advice tailored to the needs of each participant.


  • Birth Course

    CZK 1,499.00


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