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4 Moves for the Newly Postpartum Mom

Congrats on your little bundle of joy, Mama! Now that baby is here, it's important to give yourself plenty of grace, rest, and proper time to heal. Each birth and recovery story is different, so once you are ready to start moving (and your doctor approves!), here are 4 of my favourite exercise moves for newly postpartum moms!

Did you know, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), recommends exercise for new moms because it can:

  • boost energy levels

  • promote better sleep

  • relieve stress

  • prevent postpartum depression

You can do these 4 exercises anywhere and at any time - whether it be at a park, at home, or even at a playground, these moves are sure to get your muscles working and get you feeling stronger.

1. Bridge Bridges are a great strengthening exercise when done correctly. Avoid arching your back as your press your hips (pelvic and pubic bones) upward. Focus more on lifting your tailbone to the sky, not your rib cage which should stay zipped together. Once at the top, think about squeezing your pelvic floor inward and upwards. Roll down to full release.

2. Heel Slide The heel slides exercise will help you develop control of the lower part of your torso. Remember to relax your spine into the ground & move slowly. Focus on stopping your pelvic bones from rocking. Your rib cage should stay connected in the center of your body.

3. Bird Dog Bird dog is an excellent exercise requiring the body to stabilize the core while moving the upper and lower extremities. Remember to only lift the arm and leg as high as you can without letting the lower back drop-down or sway. If you have a known severe DRA, focus on core contractions in quadruped without any additional movements & see a pelvic floor therapist.

4. Squats Squats are an important movement that we use for multiple tasks throughout the day. When you start back into movement, squat with a small range of motion. Put your focus on your weight being in your heels & finding a strong posture as you return to standing with your joints aligning & core zipped together.

Remember to take things slow and listen to your body. You just experienced one of the greatest physical and mental transformations of your life, honour that that. There's no need to rush back to your pre-baby routine.

Follow for more postpartum tips, and feel free to reach out anytime for advice and support mama!

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