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I just love the mom and baby program! It's my favourite part of the week. The exercise if followed by chatting with an amazing group of mothers, who help one another through the journey of motherhood.


Chantelle's mummy and baby program sessions have helped me find myself again after having my baby. The group exercise helped my re-build my strength and confidence. I've met some lovely mums through this group and just wished I'd found it sooner!


Chantelle's classes have been a lifesaver during my pregnancy! She knows how to challenge while making sure the movements are safe for pregnancy and postpartum. Also really love the after workout chats, it's such a lovely way of connecting with other mamas. Couldn't imagine going through pregnancy without these classes!


Having the opportunity to meet other moms and keep active is the highlight of my week. Chantelle is relatable, encouraging and non-judgmental. I'm so glad I found this program!


This program is the best thing I've done for myself after giving birth.


An excellent initiative that has become  a life line in post pregnancy. Highly recommend!


I was originally worried about joining these sessions with my 3.5 moth old because he can be pretty unpredictable, but I'm so glad I joined! It's a greay way to meet other mums and for babies to socialize. The sessions are very inclusive and the workout are good for every level of intensity.


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