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Meet our team

Chantelle Tuma, Founder of Mothergood and Prenatal and Postnatal fitness expert

Chantelle Tuma, Founder

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Specialist 

Chantelle is a mother of two and was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and moved to the Czech Republic in 2014. She began her fitness career as a women's fitness trainer over 10 years ago. After the birth of her son in 2020, Chantelle redirected her focus and completed her Pre & Postnatal Instructor Certification, and in 2021 went on to complete her Fitness Specialist Certification.

Training, rehabilitating, and coaching pre and postnatal women is not only Chantelle's passion, it's her area of expertise. Chantelle is not only a certified as pre & postpartum fitness trainer, she specializes in deep core rehabilitation and pelvic health, and fully understands the physical challenges of pregnancy, labour recovery, the new "biomechanics" of motherhood, and the importance of preparing the body for birth, and rebuilding it's your foundation postpartum through exercise and nutrition. Chantelle strives to help women feel strong and empowered throughout their entire motherhood journey. 

Anna Bonacorda

Pre & Postnatal Fitness Trainer

Anna was born and raised in Minnesota and has been living in Prague since 2017. She completed her 200 hr Yoga- Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training in 2021 in Portugal & completed her Pre & postnatal instructor certification in 2023.

Anna is currently studying to become a breath-work coach, she is passionate about helping women develop strength, flexibility, and balance in both the body and mind.


 Anna’s experience, knowledge, and skills help her to design safe and effective exercise routines tailored explicitly to the needs of expectant and new mothers.

Anna, Prenatal and Postnatal fitness instructor
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